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i'm working for marvel

Sort of.

As of last month, I was hired as a sketch artist for Rittenhouse Archives MARVEL's Dangerous Divas Series 2 card set.

Rittenhouse Archives is the publisher for several trading card properties including Game of Thrones, Star Trek, DC and Marvel. Sketch cards are a phenomenon that I knew was going on (various friends and colleagues had done a few) but I had no idea how big it had gotten. Sketch cards are chase cards. Unique one of a kind cards found randomly in trading card packs. Highly collectible, unique pieces of artwork.

I was introduced to several contacts within the trading card industry and had to submit samples of what my sketch cards would look like. The Spider-Woman card is one of the 5 samples submitted (maybe I'll post the others).

The challenge in these cards is twofold: drawing in such a small scale and coming up with a variety of characters and poses (I'm committed to 105 cards initally) that keep the cards fresh and visually appealing. The solutions to these cards are lots of research on the internet for references that are dynamic (perspective, foreshortening, lighting) and focusing highly on compostion, color and form and worrying about small details last.

So far, I'm less than 10 days in to this assginment and I've completed 45 cards. I should be done with this batch within 10-14 days. I'm very excited to see what other card lines I'll be doing in the near future.

I will also be getting a few artist proofs back which leads me to announce that I've added sketch cards to my commissions. $25 for black and white (ink or pencil) and $45 for full color sketches. Prices for the artsit proofs will be announced upon their delivery. All cards include protective acid-free sleeves. I've already accepted a few commissions and am looking forward to doing more. Hit me up via email (

In the meantime, follow me on instagram @ cabaleiroart where I like to tease pics of what I'm working on and stay tuned for more announcements on next year's cons and upcoming projects.

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