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1930's pulp action by yours truly


Earlier this year it became clear to me that this project just wasn't going to fit in my schedule. I'm sorry I haven't update this for those of you looking forward to seeing my take on these characters.

It's offical. As of issue #3, I am the artist for MOONSTONE BOOKS' DANGER: COAST TO COAST featuring the Black Bat and Domino Lady.

The series is written by long-time comic vet, Ron Fortier. I will be following the talented Michael Dorman (Thrillbent's Santa Claus: Private Eye) on the book.

I wanted to share a big thank you to publisher Joe Gentile, Ron and Mike for making this possible.

Here is a sample of some sketches I did for the project and I promise to keep you informed as work begins on the first issue in my run.

Follow me on instagram, facebook and twitter for sneak peeks and lots of work in progress pics.

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