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happy new year plus marvel sketch cards

Not only are we celebrating the start of 2015 but we are also celebrating the 1st anniversary of this website and the launch of my first 2 licenssed sketch card sets.

2014 was a good year for my career. I've seen tremendous growth in my work and the line up of projects for the first quarter of 2015 should keep me busy and creatively satisfied. It's exactly one year today that I officially launched and while the site needs some work still (in particluar, the shop and more blog posts) I'm pleased overall.

I've updated the gallery with images from both card sets released this December (Breygent Marketing's KRIS KRINGLE sketch cards and Rittenhouse Archives' Marvel Dangerous Divas Series 2). Of the sets, I learned a lot drawing in that scale and got to practice with several media that I normally don't get to use everyday (watercolor pencils, pastels, airbrush). I really hope you enjoy them. Several of the cards for both sets have been listed on eBay if your are interested in acquiring one of them. For the marvel set, I will be receiving over a dozen Artist Proof cards that I will be listing here at the store, on eBay and taking a few commissions as well. Contact me at for details.

Lastly, I just wanted to say thank you to all my friends, fans and supporters. You allow me to keep doing what I love daily. Every like, every share, every retweet, every commission and every kind word makes such a huge impact. I'm humbled and honored to have a groups like you behind me.

2015 has more sketchcards from me on several sets from Upper Deck (Avengers, Antman) and Crytozoic Entertainment (announcement coming soon)

as well as 3 comic projects. Keep checking back for more updates as well as following me on FB, Twitter and Instagram.

Happy New Year! Here's to a fruitful, challenging, busy and rewarding 2015.


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