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A former commercial illustrator and graphic designer, Carlos is a freelance illustrator/indie comic book artist (Action Lab, Thrillbent, Cloudwrangler) that has worked on major licensed properties for Disney (Marvel), Lucasfilm (Star Wars), Warner Bros. (DC Comics, Big Bang Theory and the Hobbit/Lord of the Rings), Sony (Ghostbusters, Spider-Man), AMC (Breaking Bad and The Walking Dead) and Major League Baseball.


Carlos is the co-creator and artist for THE GOLDEN GUARD (a 48 page graphic novel and RPG + 48 page HISTORY OF THE GOLDEN GUARD) with Vito Delsante (co-creator of STRAY for Action Labs & the writer for ACTIONVERSE) and Charlie McElvy (creator of THE WATCHGUARD) which will be out Late 2017. He is also supplying covers, finishes and character designs on ACTION LAB's STRAY vol. 2 series.

He resides in Central Florida with his loving wife, Kristina and their little sidekick, Grayson the Shih Tzu.


what clients are saying about cabaleiro art


"You really knocked yourself out on these Best Party Ever pages.  I liked them very much when I saw them, and now that I've finally had the chance to study them, I'm really even more impressed.  Your work really shines. You skillfully interpreted the script."

--Mark Waid

Publisher, Writer


"Page 1 is one of the greatest pages I've ever seen anywhere. Not sure it could be any better, incredible."

--Raymond Fields

President, Publisher and Writer (EARTH ALLIANCE) 

Future Earth Entertainment


"It was a huge deal getting picked by LFL to do this (Star Wars: The Force Awakens official trading card set) and you should be very proud. Your work is stellar."

--David Waldeck

Product Coordinator, Editor

Topps Trading Card Company


"In addition to terrific art which speaks for itself, Cabaleiro has the remarkable talent of accurately interpreting character descriptions and professionally representing them on the page. He hit every deadline and invited feedback to best capture his work. I highly recommend and would gladly collaborate again with him in the future!"

--Michael Paul

Author, Screenwriter


"I commissioned two drawings by him to use on the covers of two books I am working on. I was very happy with both and love that they give the books a very unique style and have had a lot of positive feedback on the drawing for the first book (the second has not been released yet). I would highly recommend Carlos to anyone in need of quality illustration."

-- Drew Baye

High Intensity Training


"Damn man..I gotta tell you..I cant wait to print and sell issue # 3. It's great work, man. Carlos kicked some serious comic book drawing ass there. I loved his quick turn around time, professionalism, and style."

-- Fernando B. Rodriguez

Writer, publisher

Aztec of the City


"Carlos!!! These are AMAZING!!! Seriously, I cannot thank you enough... Not only you are incredibly talented, but you've been very nice and professional too! I don't even know what to say... but it turned out WAY better than I expected it! Thank you, thank you, thank you. I will certainly keep you in mind for other gifts (hopefully more "normal" ones)! Really appreciate all your help."

--C.S. Sagrillo

commission client





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