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movement magazine interview

Late this summer I attended a convention in Orlando, FL (CONjure). While small, the staff was helpful and friendly and I had the chance to meet several local area artists and writers. Some of whom I have the pleasure to now call friends.

One of the local talents I met was Max Michaels. Not only does he have one heck of a cool name but Max is also the publisher/editor for MOVEMENT MAGAZINE. Movement is a local color magazine that covers art, music and entertainment in the Jacksonville/North Florida area. Max asked me if I'd be interested in doing an interview and I was honored to.

The magazine is available in and around the Jacksonville area for free (bars, restuarants, downtown area) or you can order a copy from their website for a small fee (

Check it out and thank you, Max. I'm looking forward to attending one of your parties in Jacksonville in the near future.

And yes, that's me in my Batman costume.


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