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marvel dangerous divas artist proofs for sale

Artist Proof cards are in hand from Rittenhouse Archives and ready to be commissioned. Because I did 155 cards (that's a lot), I received 10 full-size, uncut (4x5) APs.

These are considered official parts of the sketch card set. I have a few of them up on eBay as blank commissions. Any female character from the Marvel Universe can be illustrated on the cards (except for ANY Fantastic Four related characters).

The completed cards still need to be approved by Marvel. So while the turn around time for me to actually create your card is pretty fast, the time frame from submission to actually arriving at your doorstep can take a while. That part of the process is completely out of my hands but I do keep you informed and pester the heck of my Art Directors for an answer.

I'm including the link to the ebay listing but will also entertain serious offers via email at

I feel like I'm doing some of my best sketch card work on these APs and to prove that I've included the first 3 cards I have completed for some luck commission clients. All the artwork is done in a combination of copic markers, ink, paint, pastels and color pencils.

Hit me up for these soon.

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