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there is an awakening in the force

Everyone is excited about the continuation of the greatest cinema saga ever, Star Wars: The Force Awakens (December 18, 2015). I'm very excited about the new films and will definitely be in theaters early for this one (my wife won't have it any other way--she's a huge Star Wars fan).

I'm doubly excited but because just a few weeks ago, I was notified by Topps (trading card company and the offical card company of Star Wars since 1977) that I have been hand selected by Lucasfilm to produce artwork for the offical card set. Not only is it a big deal to be recognized by Lucasfilm for my work this past year but finding out that ony 23 other artists have been selected for this set. One most sets, it's an upwards of 100+ artists involved.

I am so honored to be a part of history. It's a small part, that's for sure, but knowing that my name will be involved in an offical capacity on this monumental pop culture event is beyond humbling.

I am not allowed to share any of the artwork just yet, but the moment I can, please know that it will be posted on the website immediately.

Also, I do like to share work in progress videos and pictures on my instagram account. Please follow me if you haven't already at @cabaleiroart.

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