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making your way in the world today takes everything you've got

I'm borrowing the opening lyric from the theme song from Cheers. Not only is it extremely catchy and one of the greatest TV theme songs of all time, it's a poignant statement on the concept of being an entrepreneur/self employed/self published. It takes hard work, creativity, business savvy, outside the box thinking and a profound belief in one's self. That can be especially hard in this world of conformity and comfort, where one is judged by your annual salary, credit score, possessions and vanity.

I've freed myself from a life of worrying about those things and am focused on making my way in this world as creatively and as self rewarding as possible. The realities of a mortgage, bills and debt still hound me and I believe my artwork and creative expression will allow me to deal with those nuisances of life.

I am honored to present my works, offer you ways to purchase them, connect with me, discuss influences/trends/inspirations and be a part of my creative life. Someday, with your help and appreciation of my talent, the world will be someplace where everybody knows my name. For now, get to know me and my artwork and I look forward to knowing all of you.


Carlos Cabaleiro

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