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my top requested commissions

Over the last year, more and more, my top requested commissions seem to be someone's likeness as a superhero. It's a ton of fun doing these pieces. These commissions are quite honestly totally in my wheel house (likenesses and superheroics).

Other than being perfectly suited for my modest artsitic talents, the best part of this kind of work is getting the feedback after it's gifted. It really makes me feel great to hear how much the artwork is loved and appreciated. I often ask for pictures of the moment or of the work framed and on the wall.

Original art work like these is a perfect gift for anniversaries, birthdays or the upcoming holidays. Now would be the time to contact me and inquire on getting a piece like one of these done before Christmas. I am always open for commissions and have yet to miss a deadline. My email is


dc vs marvel wedding
snake and lilith online
Batgirl Nicky online.jpg

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